Hideout Trails 3Overview

The Hideout Trails Committee was formed in May 2015 for the purpose of delivering a vision of non-motorized recreation and transportation trails and pathways in and around the Town of Hideout, Utah. In March of 2016 the Committee joined with the Wasatch Trails Alliance, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the support and planning of a comprehensive and sustainable trail system in Wasatch County. The Hideout-Jordanelle trails proposal is now a project of Wasatch Trails Alliance which is overseen by the Hideout Trails Committee. The Hideout Trails Committee is composed of passionate community member volunteers who are advocates for trails, recreation, open space, and the preservation of the natural landscape, wildlife values and beauty in this special area of Wasatch County.

The northeast section of Jordanelle State Park is within and adjacent to Hideout town boundaries. It includes the Ross Creek Recreation Area and portions of the Primitive Shoreline.

One of the key deliverables of the Hideout Trails Committee is a trail network proposal, divided into manageable development phases, for the purposes of recreation and transportation. For Phase 1, it is the Committee’s desire to create Hideout network trails that will connect to Jordanelle State Park. These trails will be open to non-motorized user groups for four-season public recreation.

The Jordanelle Reservoir Resource Management Plan (RMP) from April 2012 provides a 10-year framework for the orderly, coordinated development and management of the land and recreation resources under Reclamation jurisdiction within their project management boundary. The vast majority of trails in this Phase 1 proposal are located in or adjacent to the project management boundary. These trails are described in detail in the following pages.

The Hideout Trails Committee is planning at least two additional trail development phases not included in this proposal. The focus of these future phases will include connecting the Town to other communities with trails and pathways, advocating for a safer crossing of UT-248 for people and wildlife, and designing a network of non-motorized backcountry trails in the northernmost region of Hideout and Wasatch County.

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