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WTA and WMSP have a new 3.5 mile trail cut at Dutch Hollow. The southern section of the new cut is revamping the old Boneyard trail. This cut alleviates the erosion and steep sections of an old trail. Flatline continues north from Boneyard to US 40 (the art tunnel) and will eventually cross the Provo River and continue on to the Coyote Trail system. Attached is a GPS photo line of the new trail.

The trail is cut and needs signage, pruning, and some corner earth work.  We will try to get some tools out on the tread soon. Please stay tuned for trail-work-day email announcements.

This new trail and earlier cut from the Dutch Hollow Road to the top of the Sage loop has given us a lengthy cross-country route through the non-motorized portion of the park. Go check out the new trails when you get a chance.

New Flatline Trail and Boneyard revamped.